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We have included a bra fit tips below to guide you and make sure that you are wearing the right bra sizes. It is extremely important to wear the right bra size for your health, comfort, appearance, and to slow down the impact of gravity and sagging breasts. Read more.....


For most of us, every morning we look for one of our bras and wear them. Everyday. A bra is the one outfit that is an absolute necessity for most adult women. Your bra is the ticket to your comfort, and most importantly your self confidence and presentation in public.

And yet the staggering statistic is that nearly 80% of the women in the world are wearing the wrong bra sizes without noticing it.  This means that every time you count 10 women only 2 of those will be wearing the right bra size.

Many women are going through a whole day in discomfort trying to move their shoulder straps from one position to another to stop the pain from straps digging into their skin. Others show discomfort and lack of confidence simply because they are worried that their bra will snap anytime and embarrass them.

This is because most women are wearing bras with a band size that is too large or cup sizes that are too small, and in such cases, the breasts are supported by the shoulder straps, which will cause a lot of unnecessary pressure on the shoulders.

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Bra Fitting Guide - Bra World-5-05.jpg

In addition to comfort and appearance, wearing a badly fitted bra can cause health problems including headaches, neck pain, and for the larger busted women, some end up with arched backs when they become older, and this is because in all their youth their heavy bust was supported by the shoulders.


And, did you know that breasts dont have any muscles? If not supported correctly, the weight pulls them downward, increasing the rate at which the breasts will sag.


Your bra size can vary between brands and even between styles. The best way to know that you are buying the right bra is to simply try it on, and follow the guide included on this page.

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A lot of what we can do everyday, how we feel, and what can achieve depends on something as simple as wearing the right bra size. Lets get it right ladies. Visit us for a FREE bra fitting session at Bra World 

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